In the beginning of the home-buying process you need to consider how you will finance the purchase. It is essential to know how much you will be able to borrow before you start looking at homes. It is the basis upon which you can determine the feasibility of buying a particular home and will allow me to show you only the homes in your price range. It will also place you in a much stronger negotiating position. 


The Home Search

After listening to your wants and needs, I want you to be an informed buyer. Through emails, phone calls, open houses, and viewings we narrow down homes that interest you the most until exactly what you are looking for comes on the market. With great industry connections and associates, I work to locate your dream home before it is on the public market.


The Contract

I will expertly guide you through preparing and negotiating all terms on a contract in your favor. From the offer, terms, stipulations, exhibits, and contingencies needed – you can rest assured you are in the best of hands as I will handle all matters on your behalf professionally and seamlessly until an agreement is reached by all parties involved and you are comfortable and satisfied.



This is the time period where you truly get to know and inspect the home you have under contract. Through due diligence, financing, appraisal and other contingencies I work with your lender and closing attorneys to be sure purchasing the home is in your best interest and worth the money you are investing into it.

I work with your chosen lender and closing company to complete all final details of the transaction before attending closing with you and congratulating you on the purchase of your new home!